About Us

Meet Our Founder & Owner ~ Amina

Salma Health & Beauty was inspired by my very own hair loss struggle. While battling with my hair over the years, I made a promise to myself that I would change the way I was loosing my hair.

Our Story
You see, I had suffered from some of the innate problems dry, brittle, split ends, dry scalp, and very slow growth. Nothing seemed to work. I learned that a lots of companies were making "all-natural" products that were actually full of harsh chemicals that can irritate hair & skin.

After doing some research & learning about the benefits of herbs & essential oils, I decided it was time to stop wasting money on hair care products that did absolutely nothing, but dry my hair out, and toke a direct action.

I started working with a chemist to create and formulate products that would hydrate and moisturize our hair. Our mission is to create natural herbal products that both men and women could enjoy. And, that is how Salma Health & Beauty began. 

Our Products

Experience Salma Health & Beauty products for your total hair care. Our products are free of paraben, petrolatum, sulfate, mineral oil, artificial colors, silicones or other synthetics. Natural and 100% vegan! Follow us on social media. We love to hear your feedback! Please enjoy your purchase and thank you for being a part of our family!

-Salma Health & Beauty!